A Free CE Seminar Featuring Bessel van der Kolk, MD

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Thank you – really interesting film. I’m a UK-based Human Givens therapist, trained to work with trauma through a relaxation and dissociation technique known as ‘Rewind’. We are having some very good results with this and evaluation is taking place – see . My guess is that similar brain mechanisms underlie this and neurofeedback, as well as EMDR. More research needed but funding is always an issue unless (as with Big Pharma) there is money to be made…

WONDERFUL news. I work with traumatised patients all day. I work for public health, offering Psychotherapy and DBT. I sometime spend years with very traumatised patients, generally diagnosed with DID or Borderline Personality D, and find it difficult knowing I have only helped in a minor way. This is very promising

Appears to be a very promising treatment which is not invasive and sensible

Very informative and look forward to seeing more of this therapy implemented.

As a certified EMDR therapist who integrates neurofeedback, the interaction of the two can help with some clients who are reticent to have sensors placed on their head or are able to sit still. The more we learn about our brain and how one can become unstuck from times of trauma that drive physiological under or over development of brain regions, I think the more neurofeedback equipment will gain in sophistication.

Thank you for an informative educational webcast. Intriguing.

Wow! Why have I wasted my time in traditional therapy with little results. The greatest results I’ve found is with my meditation and yoga- maybe because it changes brain waves, like Bessel mentioned. This is a treatment that the US population owes it’s citizens and ourselves for a better future for all. The sickness of anyone effects the health of all of us as we are all connected. Thank you for your work. I’m passing this on to all I know who would benefit and are interested.

This is excellent, and useful to me. So many lines from Bessel and his patient resonate with me. Not being in the “thrall” of my pain, memories, has been a positive development for me in just the last two years, in part from my therapy being based on Bessel’s book, and from a 4 day event with Dr. van der Kolk at Garrison last year. I would love to take part in any future NR research.

Astounding! Point of reference for work in this field of re-wiring the brain is Dr. Caroline Leaf.

I want to learn how to be part of this study and where and how to train and what equipment I need? My son used this neurofeedback over 20 years ago and it really helped. Now I’m a therapist and I would love to work with this. Best wishes, Julie

Thank you for this! I enjoy his teaching style and knowledge.

I enjoyed the seminar and am looking forward to neurofeedback becoming an (amazing) standard addition to our practices and to help those that will benefit from it!
on side note, where do I go to get the CE information?
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing, I have benn practicing for decades with children, adults, couples and trauma is what I see in their functionality that hinders connections to others and self. I live in Pakistan where the control through culture, religion and educational institutions is high. I am not blaming anyone but the societal script is all about shaming and blaming, child emotional, sexual and physical abuse is rampant and unfortunately a child has nowhere to go, no shelters or any form of authority interventions to provide relief. I see so many of my clients reflected in Carolyn and other material in this presentation. I am doing all that is in my power to understand this phenomena and improve practice, have joined all your online courses, as well as others working with trauma, read all the relevant books. Now how can one get this to new avenue is my question.please help

I am 58 years old and found this video so validating. I have just come out of a 16 year marriage and very painful divorce, I was constantly accused of my anger issues.

My family which includes 4 older siblings (a generation older) mocked me, abused me and scapegoated me up to the age of 11 when my parents and just me left to go and live in another country.

I have been in therapy for 4 years and dipped in and out many times in my 30s and 40s – I had EMDR last year and then three months ago a throwaway comment to a new GP turned my life inside out. I had one sibling refer to a near drowning accident as a child when I was 18, she was reluctant to expand. My Mother always denied it ever happened.

All my life I felt a part of me was missing, as a child I hibernated in a tree house. There was always a sense of loss. I even asked my mother if there had been a twin that had died at childbirth shortly before she passed away 16 years ago. I received so much sibling abuse after we were reunited when I was 17 that I made the decision to have no contact after her funeral.

Fast forward 16 years and I am divorced, without a family, and am told by this new GP that my medical notes have failed me. Right at the bottom was highlighted “NB – age 2 – near drowning – severe head injury- coma 6 days”

No-one told me about the head injury and merely glossed over the drowning. I was in a second coma at 18 due to an allergic reaction to a drug given in hospital which should never have been given to me had they had the knowledge of the accident at age 2.

I have finally had validation that it wasn’t just “all in my mind”, that I wasn’t merely “a drama Queen, histrionic” – my gut instinct that something was wrong with me is there in black and white on the head trauma websites.

Carolyn’s repeated blows to her head as a child would diminish her cognitive and executive functions. It is so reassuring to know that there is HOPE for a different life when you have already lost the one you were born into.

Wonderful lecture from you Bessell – you and Gabor Mate have given me so much back xx

Hi I am a clinical psychologist based in Australia and currently studying the Trauma Certificate Programme with your centre. Can you please tell me where I train in the use of neurofeedback equipment. Cheers Matt Worthington

  • Hi Matt – Dr Moshe Perl in St Kilda Victoria (also runs interstate training programs) – cheers Marianne Ruff

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, and your views. Please thank Carolyn for her courage in sharing her life experiences so far and challenging the trauma she endured as a child.

Thank you for this wonderful presentation! It gives hope, that people like you, settled in the official health care system, pioneer in new and more holistic approaches of recognizing and treating trauma.
I grew up in a family with PTSD and a lot of ACE, what challenged me to learn as much as possible on treating trauma for myself and for all my clients.

As most of the therapeutic approaches are focusing on the emotions – and I worked with chronically addicted and psychiatric ill persons – I pretty soon came to the limits, as they had no access to their feelings, but they had pictures, sounds, words… and “knew” somehow, what had happened to them.

So 3 years ago I heard about the Trauma Buster Technique and went immediately to New Zealand to learn the technique: TBT aims to interrupt the automatic response to memory triggers of the trauma. For that it’s only necessary to work with the shock point, and not with the whole story. One treatment can so reverse the conditioning, and the brain starts to rewire itself for healing, sometimes immediately and sometimes with more time and assistance. I had/have very good experiences with simple and complex traumas, ritual abuse and tortured refugees… and I am happy of being able to contribute now really, as I see that chronic illnesses loose their grip, and the persons are more happy in their relationships.

I think that NF could even enhance the effect, … and that we are only at the beginning in bringing together all the knowledge for holistic trauma healing.

Fantastic…..! I work as a therapist/psychologist for a long time with traumatised people with great outcomes. I am my own feed back machine, using sound, my voice, touch , meditation and relaxation and body movement to achieve the same results….! Good work , Bessel!

Thank you for your commitment to this work and for recognizing the importance of the mind body balance. As a yoga instructor I am grateful for your work that underscores the importance of looking at how our bodies can heal themselves and the importance of using remedies that encourage the use of our body.

I admire your work and your commitment to your work. If you would team up with the study of FasterEFT you could make incredible changes to peoples lives. FEFT is all about addressing the emotions, the mind is the body, the body is the mind.